The Definitive Guide To Healthy Vaping

Are you a health-conscious pothead? Since the stigmatization associated with weed is diminishing and you are probably vaping more to get high, we thought you might want to know some vaping facts before you start using your cheap volcano vaporizer.

Vaping reduces the risk of lung infection

The greatest hazard of smoking weed is the smoke that is generated. This smoke contains cancer-causing chemicals. Smoking is also associated with emphysema, bronchitis, and inhalation of carcinogens. People who vape marijuana have a lower risk of contracting respiratory diseases than those who smoke it.

It is safer to vape bud than hash oil

There are many styles of vaping and most cheap volcano vaporizers use regular buds. When the buds heat up, they produce CBD and THC but the actual combustion does not occur. Other vaporizers use concentrates e.g. hash oil which constitutes of dangerous ingredients used in pesticides and lighter fluid. You cannot exactly tell what is in the hash oil. Butane oil is derived by extracting THC from weed using solvents like the lighter fluid. There is no quality control and so inhaling the solvent is risky. So, it’s better off to vape the bud you know than take some oil you have no idea how they are manufactured.


THC strength matters a lot

If you are a new vaper, you must be careful about the high THC levels you get if you vape hash oils especially the butane oil which is normally stronger than weed. Butane oil contains 60% THC while most buds have between 15% and 20% THC. If you are a first user, don’t take too many hits of butane oil. Actually, don’t go beyond 3 hits. But for the experienced vapers, the effects are minimal.

Never try home-made hash oil

Trying to make the butane oil by yourself is a dangerous maneuver. This is a flammable solvent ad you might not know the right precautions to take. The worst thing that could happen is blowing yourself up in the house. Unless you are a qualified chemist, do not try making butane oil at home.

Medical research indicates that potheads report easier breathing after quitting smoking and embracing volcano vaporizers. The vapor produced by this tool is cleaner than the smoke generated from weed. No wonder, cigarette smokers have switched to vaping after realizing the great benefits of vaporizers.

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